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Jianli Shoes Co. Ltd. found in 1996. We located in Wenzhou. We design, produce and sell morden, fashionable and unique women shoes. They are highly favord by women all over the worlds because they mix the oriental culture and modern integration together into our style. Accordingly to the principle of “friendly-cooperation and development”, We would offer our high-qualitied shoes and excellent service to our clients. We strongly welcome all of our friends to keep long term business relationships with us and develop a bright “WIN-WIN” future.

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- Jianli Shoes Co. Ltd. found in 1996, located in Wenzhou.

- Design classic, fashionable and unique women shoes.

- Industry and trade integration, production lead time.

- Can be customized style, covers different colors.

- Get you free from quality problems.


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  • 31 17/10

    Point Toe Shoes By Many Fashion Influx Of People Sought After

    Pointed shoes is relatively unique fashion style shoes, was very popular in a certain age, after a period of rest, now with a strong retro style, back to the fashion industry, sought after by many fashion influx of people. So the tip of high heels is beautiful, but not everyone is suitable for wear,

  • 31 17/10

    Knee High Boots With Points To Introduce

    Why do not you wear a pair of boots? Overweight tall and thin boots with the university, but do not want to change the low change? May wish to see for you finishing the autumn boots 10 kinds of wear law, learn them with it, knee boots zero error!

  • 31 17/10

    Short Boots Is To Help The Child Slightly Cylindrical High To The Ankle Bone ...

    Boots is to help the child slightly higher than the box-shaped high to the ankle bone above the shoes. Boots, the original nomadic northern wear, also known as horse boots and high boots. According to legend, the inventor of the Warring States period famous military strategist Sun Bin, to commemorat

  • 19 17/10

    How To Do With Flat Shoes

    How to do with flat shoes High heels grinding feet seem to have become accustomed to, but the flat shoes grinding feet a little bit of intolerable

  • 16 17/10

    High Boot Has Been Widely Favored By Ladies

    Long boots that wear when the feet to help the thigh boots (usually boots), but also for long boots. Many girls tend to wear a pair of boots when wearing skirts or shorts. Ms. door in the late autumn or winter wear a pair of boots, not only to keep warm, but also show their slender legs, so has been