Women's Shoes 15 Tricks To Buy A Shoe
- Sep 07, 2017 -

Choosing shoes for women, there is no doubt that one of the most popular ways to get mental and physical satisfaction, but often this happens: the seemingly incomparable sleek, stylish, dark-blue walking shoes can only bring unparalleled pain to the soles of your feet while you walk. The expensive patent-leather shoes that are expected to be fitted with all linen and fine cotton clothes, and virtually no chance to match any of the clothes ...

Why? What's wrong with your choice? Now tell you about the shoes to buy 15 unique trick!

The first trick: it is best to choose the shoes around three o'clock in the afternoon to six o'clock, because the foot will be slightly inflated at this time, if the size of the selection does not feel small, the rest of the day wearing also no problem. Stand and try it on, because standing is slightly bigger than sitting. Try to wear can not only wear in the mirror look at the buy, must go back and forth a few steps, carefully feel the stability and size of the shoe is appropriate.

The second: test shoes with clean stockings, easy to test shoes when wearing off (especially the ankle slightly tight-wrapped boots), to avoid the sweat stains in the shoes appear embarrassed.

The third recruit: about 2/3 of the people two feet is not the same size, remember which one long which is short, test shoes when both feet try to wear. Choose a shoe with a slightly larger foot. Can not simply according to the shoe number to choose shoes or trustees to buy, must personally try to wear, because the last head, style or brand model of different standards, the specific size of the shoes will be different.

The four strokes: the feet with different seasons will also have cold expansion, so in the winter to buy the summer discount shoes, you try to wear the appropriate size with the summer may be a little smaller.

The ideal size is at least: 10 toes can be freely active in the shoe, have comfortable liner and moderate interior space, the radian in the soles and feet sag is very fit, the ankle and toe are not able to touch the shoes; If you use your toes against the heel of your shoe, you can reach the distance between your heels and your fingers. This is the right size, the heel of the soles of the heel on the surface to be well affixed to the heels, when walking can not slide to slide, and from the top down to see if the arch of the foot and the central radian of the shoe, to confirm whether the tightness of the foot circumference is appropriate.

The trick: Don't let your feet fit a pair of shoes because of the temptation of the season's discount or the fact that the size is too small shoes even if wear for a long time, support large degree also very limited, the temporary foot scenery may cause corns, blisters, foot pain, leg ache, back ache and so on a series of illnesses.

Seventh strokes: If the pair of shoes in front of you dream of the design, near perfect radian, exudes the most fashionable color light, reasonable price ... You just love it at first sight. Unfortunately, the material is not good, advised you still choose to pass by it. In the context of economic conditions, it is recommended that you preferably choose leather leather, Pineri (smooth and no stitching), leather soles. Because the dermis breathable, the sweat absorption function and the elasticity are good, it and your foot shape more can match, does not hold the sweat, wears up more comfortable, Pides, the skin heel also may reduce the sound.

Eighth recruit: Check leather shoes is good or bad, not in the shoe head and on both sides of the shoe, choose the best to touch both sides of the leather material, see whether the thickness is even.

Nineth Strokes: The choice of soft and flexible soles, can be more evenly dispersed impact, buy high heels by the way to buy a half pad can also moderate the foot pressure relief. Although leather and leather soles may be slippery at first try, the situation is much better after several times. Although the metal heel looks very modern, it is very easy to be bad, and the possibility of mending is very small.

Tenth strokes: Generally speaking, the comfortable collocation is: the higher the heel, the wider the trousers, the shorter the heel, the narrower the trousers. So when trying to short heel or flat shoes, you might as well use a small clip to narrow the trousers to see the effect.

11th strokes: Choose the color of a slightly darker than the skin tones of the shoes, will appear to be long legs tall pick. And in the wavering between a few pairs of shoes, think: they have shiny material, bow of the decorative, buckle or jumping color? Because--these are easy to make the legs look shorter. But the sharp contrast between the shoe tip and the upper color makes the feet look smaller and more delicate.

The 12th recruit: the ankle strap's short heel shoe does help to show sexy, but it is also really easy to appear feet long, slender legs more suitable for such shoes. If you really like it, we recommend that you have shoes that are close to the skin's color laces.

13th strokes: This season will be hot and thick soles of the shoes do appear stylish and character, but a little inattentive it will definitely make your legs look more heavy. But with a soft muslin skirt or a 60-style miniskirt, the effect will be surprisingly good. If your legs are thinner than the average person, you can be comfortable wearing them.

14th: Before you see a pair of shoes that make your heart beat faster (like a red snake with a cage shoe), do you think about the possible position in your shoe closet (is it in a regular coat or at all?)? Can it be a perfect match for any outfit in your closet? Do you often appear on occasions where you can wear high heels and birdcage shoes with red snake skins? Or are you ready to update the wardrobe "with the red snake skin and the birdcage shoes as the center"? Say yes--Choose it! If not, slow your heartbeat and step away.

The 15th recruit: The ankle will have some edema during pregnancy, it is best to give up fine heels, choose a certain elasticity and thickness of flat shoes or low slope heel, the number is a little larger than usual.