Women's Platform Shoes Collocation Method
- Sep 07, 2017 -

In the winter, it seems that many girls like to wear a thick bottom of the pine cake shoes, why? Of course it's because it's good to wear and match! Look at these muffin-soled shoes.

1. Thick bottom belt with pointed shoes

Pine cake thick Bottom belt with pointed shoes, using the head layer Cowhide + imitation horse, feel comfortable and flexible! Stylish sole design, exquisite and ingenious for shoes added a landscape line.

2. British wind Pine cake thick soles

British wind pine cake thick soles of shoes, 7cm thick bottom let you wear up instantly have a perfect figure ratio, is also a thin artifact! Helps you lengthen your legs and make your clothes look better.

3. Belt Black pine cake thick Bottom shoes

Hundred of the band with black pine cake thick bottom shoes, comfortable soles let you walk not tired! Breathable fabric of the texture, comfortable and breathable with good tactile comfort! The shoe head gradually changes color design, the fashion is more elegant!

4. Patent leather shoes with thick soles

The absolute all-purpose hundred-percent patent leather shoes, the British wind design, wear very personality, shoes bandage design people, let you wear up more vibrant.

5. Vintage Pine cake thick soles

Classic Brock Carved design of the pine cake thick soles of leather shoes, wearing up to make people fascinated with it, 4 inside the height than high heels comfortable than flat shoes have height!

Have the right to pine cake thick soles of shoes may as well start! Let's see how the Muffin shoes go with the clothes! It must have helped you to learn.

The black sweater is very warm, with the blue jeans and the black pine cake shoes, the handsome and the big long leg! This simple but personalized style most people like! Handsome broken hole jeans and white dress collocation, plus a pair of white thick bottom pine cake shoes, very casual and with a few fresh style, give people a bright eye. Short denim coats and tassels jeans are they cool? White thick bottom pine cake shoes weaken the cowboy's Hale feeling, joined a few women's mellow breath. Camel's coat is really good-looking! In the white high collar sweater skirt and white pine cake shoes, super temperament said, good like this collocation, simple good-looking. Black shawl knit cardigan with black leather skirt, small handsome taste, a pair of red slope with pine cake shoes will be enough to let you have big long legs Oh! Very tall and slender legs.

Look at the shoes of the muffin clothes collocation, now let's see the black muffin shoes how to match it!

1. Thick bottom Black pine cake shoes wear up and can add height, collocation of loose wave point sweater and broad leg pants, casual and stylish taste, simple and engaging.

2. Set-style sweater skirt to wear generous free, and completely without shoes will be wrong, a pair of thick bottom of the muffin shoes can also allow you to increase the height, highlighting long legs.

3. Semi-high neck loose sweater is very good to wear warmth, with blue jeans very good-looking! A pair of black thick bottom pine cake shoes also added a bit of handsome.

4. No matter which winter is sure to have a windbreaker figure, with the broken hole jeans match up, put on the black pine cake shoes, appears the leg type also straight and slender said.

5. A super personalized printing sweater, very eye-catching, with straight-barrel jeans appear legs slender, a pair of black muffin shoes to join more cool Oh!