What Is A Women's Platform Shoes
- Aug 02, 2017 -

  What is a Women's Platform Shoes

  Women's Platform Shoes is a new form of high heels, the world is very popular this new high heels. Amy young ladies wear this kind of shoe sole like a thick shoe, feeling quite good. But the British, Japanese research institutions found that women wearing this shoe easily injured, the United Kingdom and Japan to "Women's Platform Shoes" and other high heels called "death shoes."

  15th century French court clothing division invented the Women's Platform Shoes. Since then, the height and height of the heel has changed from time to time, but the fanaticism of the Women's Platform Shoes is enduring. Because "shoes and women to share the experience, no matter where you are in a stage of life, regardless of the body fat or slim, shoes always with you.

  16th century: In fact, the first appearance of Women's Platform Shoes, is to facilitate people riding their feet when the legs can be fastened stirrup. Until the end of the 16th century lofty shoes to become aristocratic fashion stuff. It is said that the small Louis XIV in order to make himself look taller, more mighty, more confident and more authoritative, so let the shoemaker for his shoes fitted with 4-inch high heel, and the heel painted red To show its distinguished identity. 17th century: Women's Platform Shoes began to become an important element of men and women fashion. At this time the Women's Platform Shoes are 3 inches high, the shoe body is very slender, heel and soles together into one, if you have the opportunity to walk to the 17th century street, you will find all the pedestrians on the street wearing the same style shoes, because At that time the shoe technique can only create a muffin style.

  18th century: from the end of the 17th century, people began to try to create slender heel, but unfortunately the lack of support, only widen the top of the heel to connect the soles, to the late 18th century, the height of the Women's Platform Shoes gradually fall, replaced by a ribbon and Bow shoes.