The Rebirth Of The Women's Platform Shoes Is Improved And The Structure Becomes More Reasonable
- Aug 02, 2017 -

  The rebirth of the Women's Platform Shoes is improved and the structure becomes more reasonable.

  The 1930s, the Women's Platform Shoes were resurrected after more than 200 years of disappearance. The rebirth of the Women's Platform Shoes was improved and the structure became more reasonable. The most popular female Women's Platform Shoes are the combination of classic heels and shoe soles.

  In the the 1970s, the Women's Platform Shoes were almost the hallmark of the entire age. Whether men or women, civilians or celebrities, work or entertainment, everyone is always wearing a Women's Platform Shoes.

  The 1990s, the expansion of the trend space and the concept of the wild, pine cake shoes also produced a different appearance-a variety of loose-cake sneakers. These new designs, together with a variety of previous Women's Platform Shoes, reflect the the 1990s's multiple personalities.

  When you look back at the resurrection of the Women's Platform Shoes in the 20th century, you can see that it is closely related to prevailing fashion.

  The 1920s-sandals combined with high heels: women were more open to clothing and more relaxed in ethics, and designers began to try to combine "bare" sandals with Women's Platform Shoes to become elegant dinners with sandals.

  The 30-40-year-toe is considered indecent: with the success of the shoe, dew and shoes are also popular. During the period, the trend magazine had spurned the new shoe, saying that the public dew and lack of self-cultivation, of course, in the face of the desire to liberate women, this statement soon untenable.

  The 50 's----the evolution of the Women's Platform Shoes: The most important time in the history of the Women's Platform Shoes, the shoes of the early shoe are limited by the shoe-making skill and the material, the heel can only cause the funnel-shaped, that is, the heel is narrowed from the sole beginning to the bottom. Although the heels can later develop into a stiff, but still lack of line beauty. Until the 50 's, the steel nail technique to transform the pine cake shoes, the designer's ability to design the emergence of this woman love and hate the sharp heel. When Marilyn Monroe was wearing a salvatoreferragamo-designed metal and Women's Platform Shoes to make her fame, no wonder she said: "Although I do not know who first created the high heel, but all women should be grateful to him, Women's Platform Shoes for my career has a great sponsorship.