The Complete Set Of Standard And Detail Techniques For The Production Of Women's Boots
- Aug 15, 2017 -

  The complete set of standard and detail techniques for the production of women's boots

  1. Zipper from the upper and inner edge should be left blank 2-3 mm, so that the zipper in the pull when stuck.

  2. The body width of the high boot Boots is set at 4 mm, and the overall width of the boot is 5 mm.

  3. The width of the body should be placed at the correct level and consistent throughout the production process.

  4. The upper incision of the elastic belt must be at the edge and knock, if you can not avoid cutting edge must use Non-woven fabric.

  5. Attention should be paid to the shape of the head and instep of the shoe, and it is helpful to lengthen the time of the shoe retention on the last head.

  6. Also should pay attention to the shoe's warp, the bottom length is 2-3 millimeters longer than the last bottom can avoid the shoe to be too warped.

  7. A large bottom with a height of 4 cm or above shall be designed to support the bridge at the bottom of the heel.

  8. For non-slice outsole with smaller heel, the design of the duck-mouth extension in the heel can increase the stability of the heels.

  9. A large bottom with a height of 3 cm or more, women's boots followed by the stiffness of the supporting column should be 58 degrees plus minus 2 degrees.

  10. If you need to use the panel to do the filler to maintain the shape of the instep.

  11. If you need to use the panel to do the filler to maintain the shape of the instep.

  12. Multiple manufacturers to produce the same type of identification data should be unified.

  13. Multiple vendors produce the same type of material when possible using the same supplier.

  14. Many manufacturers to produce the same type of insoles logo should also be consistent, not a use of insoles cloth label and another use of insoles printing.

  15. If the use of inner cloth label its material and color should be compatible with the inside.

  16. If the bottom of the zipper has been killed by the car does not need to lock the lock color should match with the zipper color, such as silver zipper does not apply black lock and black zipper does not apply silver lock.

  17. Uppers should use cotton interlining, women's boots plastic back shape can be maintained longer.

  18. Many manufacturers of the same type of elastic band when the color should be consistent.

  19. In the whole production process should take mildew measures to ensure that the shoes such as Lami, Velvet, canvas and other materials will not mold.

  20. Shoes should be positioned in the center of the shoe eye should not cross the car line on both sides.

  21. All metal parts must be made of brass or aluminium products to prevent them from rusting during wear.

  22. Should pay attention to brush glue potion, women's boots thick and bottom process to ensure good tensile force, and use carbon paper to check the pressure on the bottom of the press is even.

  23. The inclination of the heel position should be minimized to reduce the pressure on the soles of the wearer.

  24. The heel of the finished shoe should have the correct "S" shape curve.

  25. When placing the insole, please be careful to prevent it from curling at both ends.

  26. The universal joint contraction class material should pay attention to maintain its appropriate extensibility.

  27. At the top of the boot collar needle car should pay attention to the car line tightness to avoid bursting when wearing.

  28. The uppers with no needle car design should be plastic in order to pull the last.

  29. The first batch of orders should be produced from a large number of production 6, 7.5, 8, 9, 10 each sent to Wal-Mart evaluation.

  30. The aluminum phase cools the rear to draw the last.

  31. For shoes made with a thinner head, the sponge on the front end of the insole should be thinner at least 30 mm long to ensure enough space for the shoe head when wearing.

  32. The fabric of all women's shoes must be tested by the ―1o of room temperature and low temperature (general class, snow Boots ―20 degree).

  33. If the boot is folded in the packaging, women's boots it should be rolled in a paper tube or foamed plastic to prevent wrinkles.

  34. The boot height must be matched with double.