Tall Shoes Are Divided Into Three Categories
- Jan 06, 2017 -

A is high to high, thick-soled shoes, one is generally high heels (less than four centimeters), the other is the super high heels (more than seven centimeters), the moves of each height is slightly different, women can try on research! I. high high high platform shoes like curling thick heels, because contact with the ground is not sensitive to attention to the danger of falling when wearing. but can't because it looks casual sneakers to wear it when yo! it is very unsafe to wear! Whole feet skin across out stepped to Hou, lift up heel. body Qian pour, another a foot out second step. because end of thick, so soles bent degrees is unlikely to, go up way somewhat like is elephant stepping. because heel high, to keep March in the of stable, knee can slightly bent. song as wear thick thick shoes to keep go a line beauty attitude will somewhat difficulty, then of line March, maintained in body of 2/3 width also can accept. II. ordinary high heels of tall shoes can be said to the United States, also want the action of beauty most match choice. to walk swaying, when choosing shoes to footnote strap the best can cover more than half the instep area to avoid insufficient adhesion, walk heel dragging on, powder destroyed Beauty Yo! Foot when riding a step down first, immediately move the focus forward to the toes, the body's natural moves forward. the heel of the other foot off the floor, then make a pace. upper body back straight and narrow Web. arms swing naturally, look not only high spirit, legs lengthened three centimeters! III. high heels high heels despite the fact that the higher the more natural girls body upright swing, but beware of high heels, an inappropriate attitude, easy to sprain yo! but for surrendering is not ergonomic height, be careful walking is weird, they undermine the beauty of wearing tall shoes!