Story About Shoes
- Jan 06, 2017 -

A shoe shop, a rich lady trying to pick out shoes and eventually she picked out a pair of ugly, but sophisticated handmade shoes. Stay outside the window of a disheveled, middle-aged men, he helplessly watched the pair of shoes.

Rich's wife did not see the man's intentions, own a shoe shop, the man went into a shoe store, and soon came out in a hurry and said:

Man: dear Madam, Hello, I bought this pair of shoes on your hands, please?

Ladies, you do it a little impolite, right? and this is a pair of women's shoes, what do you want it?

Man: excuse me, Madam! but I think these shoes don't suit you, because you figure and habit of walking may be prematurely destroyed the shoes.

Ms: so what, this pair I've bought, this is my shoes, even though I can't wear day, others can't.

Men: last night I stayed up the whole night to get this pair of shoes, I want to sell it to a suitable person for it. As long as my costs enough, how much I do not care about the price. And before that, I had to ask the owner to sell to that point.

Woman: Oh, Yes!, you seem to want to buy them back from me these shoes. But do you know how much money I spend? I think you can't afford to pay.

Man: his wife, can you trust me? please give me the shoes, I sold it for people who have the money to repay you.

Woman: no, I want two texture better, equally excellent shoes by hand, and don't pay a cent.

Man: OK, Madam! please be assured, I guarantee my life: I promise I will make the shoes you need to.

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