Some People Say That Ballet Flats Is Detrimental To Health
- Jul 06, 2017 -

  Shoes and health is everyone is concerned about the evaluation of ballet flats are also different. Some people say that ballet flats is detrimental to health, due to uneven foot plantations, easy to damage the foot health, and not shock, will damage the spine and brain, a similar statement often seen in the newspaper. But these are the views of the layman, from a professional point of view, ballet flats do not exist any adverse health may be, no one has been wearing ballet flats and suffered damage. First of all, ballet flats closest to the barefoot state, the medical profession recognized barefoot is good for health, there is no difference, so ballet flats can not be a problem, and ballet flats are most conducive to exercise (body feel good, the most sensitive foot reaction , Is conducive to the adjustment of the center of gravity, is conducive to the control of the body balance). There is no scientific basis for shock, on the contrary, the body movement caused by the vibration of the human body is not only harmless but beneficial.

  Natural son ballet flats (professional knowledge) from the "Newton - Science World" Chinese Academy of Sciences, Science Publishing House hosted "shoes and healthy right and wrong". Since the heel is more and more harmful, then, there is no heel of the ballet flats or barefoot is completely no harm to it? A lot of medical practice shows that barefoot is more conducive to foot health than shoes, but the skin easily damaged. ballet flats can obviously make up for this deficiency, but also to maintain the mechanical state of barefoot, which is the most natural human, the most natural state, in line with the body's mechanical structure and movement laws.

  Many articles have launched on the ballet flats, that wear ballet flats heel burden is too heavy, likely to cause injury to the heel, and ballet flats, poor damping function, will affect the spine and brain health. Like the heel of the health theory, this is also no scientific basis.

  In fact, barefoot and wearing ballet flats standing, although the heel of the force than the soles of the feet, but in line with the foot mechanics structure, and will not damage the heel. The front has been analyzed theoretically, and look at the actual situation. Due to excessive movement caused by foot injury, clinically known as "marching fracture", also known as "march foot." Due to more than walking in the name of the fighters. The disease is more common in racing, walking and gymnasts and textile workers, porters. Its main damage is in the forefoot of the metatarsal (especially the second and third metatarsal) and its surrounding soft tissue. This is also proved from the practice, the heel of the load-bearing capacity is much larger than the soles of the feet, because the first damage is always the forefoot. If you wear a heel, forefoot injury will undoubtedly appear earlier and more serious. Heel is much stronger than we thought. Its damage is due to high fall and other accidental injury or accident caused, and will be accompanied by multiple fractures of the spine and pelvis, does not belong to sports injuries. Often wearing a heel of people, and occasionally wearing ballet flats may produce heel pain, long-term bedridden patients more obvious, this is the lack of long-term foot weight, foot fat pad atrophy of the results, will soon disappear after the adaptation.