Short Boots It's A Slightly Tubular Shoe That's Taller Than Ankle
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Short boots are the shoes with a slightly tubular height above the ankle. Originally for the northern nomadic people wear, also known as riding boots and high boots. The style has dry boots, boots, Boots, felt, single boots, cotton boots, cloud boots, goose tops and so on.

The short boots are the shoes with a slightly tubular height above the ankle. Boots, formerly worn by nomads of the North, also known as riding boots and high boots. The inventor of the legend of the Warring States Period of the famous military strategist bin, in honor of bin, the old shoemaker in his shoes for the ancestors of the shoe industry, set up tablets, hanging portrait worship. The earliest extant boots, is the Xinjiang Peacock River Tomb unearthed 靿 to shank the cow boots, visible more than 3,800 years ago Xinjiang already appeared the boots. The boots are of dry boots, boots, Boots, felt, single boots, cotton boots, cloud boots, goose boots and so on.

Obesity or too thin and so many problems, so that the body and clothes are always paired with the unsatisfactory. But it's not about the body, it's the boots. Especially for this quarter to prepare the fashion of a ' foot ', can bring you a new feel of the beautiful boots, to more humane design will let you fondle admiringly.

A short boot wrapped around the ankle bone.

The preparation is based on the French style of the main content. The design is full of sensuous beauty, which will set off a unique popular scenery line this fall. The unique design of the shoe root like architecture, and the graceful curve of the soft and can wrap the wrist, plus the special leather, snake skin, metal leather and other high-grade materials will add the beauty of alternative fashion.

Collocation method

Short boots are characterized by the ability to wrap under the ankle, the overall look will give a convenient and lightweight feeling, but also have the ability to wrap the feet of a bit. But for people with lower calves, the design of the shoes will be more prominent in your leg defects. So try to avoid it. And most importantly, according to the color of the boot, match the stocking or the leggings (the color is better than the monochrome, the best is the shallow depth).

A short boot that is wrapped around the neck

This season will be popular is to wrap the feet of the short boots, and the design of high boots is just a relaxed style to attract people's attention. Especially the high heels to be modified like the slope and design, also very eye-catching. Of particular concern is the leather, special materials, including soft leather and other ingredients of the material, as well as metal or the use of patent materials such as boots.

Collocation method

Compared to the stylish style, the personalized design of the short boot can make the legs have a more slim visual effect. It is hard to cover the defect of the leg with a boot like a boot. But wearing a black or grey series of stockings or leggings will be much better.

Middle Boots

Boots of medium length are often designed with various styles such as mountaineering shoes and other types of sports such as leisure. The boots with zippers are designed to attract customers ' attention with a unique zipper design and fold design of the boot mouth part. Especially soft leather is also worth noticing.

Collocation method

It is difficult to wear a pair of boots with a length of middle degree. Then put on shorts or short skirts. Wear a pair of long socks with a black series when wearing a short boot wrapped in a neck, and a pair of baggy boots will have to wear knitted tights.


The style of boots is very diverse. For example, a pair of long boots with a tight-fitting effect on the knee, a relaxed style of casual boots, a button-decorated style, and a fur-trimmed Eskimo-style long boot and all sorts of styles. In particular, the long boot, with its spiral cross lacing design, is full of unique alternative flavor. Boots are more fashionable than high boots, and the lengths are below the knees.

Collocation method

Long boots that have not been knee-length compared with stockings are more fashionable than those with knitted fabrics. Long boots with translucent leggings, or with short skirts, shorts, such a clever match will be very good-looking.

Although it's fashionable to wear boots, show the beauty of the girl and youthful vigor, but there are deficiencies, in the winter if put on trousers and a pair of beautiful socks, and then wear a pair of boots or boots is a little pity, socks beautiful pattern can only hide in the boots.