Short Boots Is To Help The Child Slightly Cylindrical High To The Ankle Bone Above The Shoes
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Boots is to help the child slightly higher than the box-shaped high to the ankle bone above the shoes. Boots, the original nomadic northern wear, also known as horse boots and high boots. According to legend, the inventor of the Warring States period famous military strategist Sun Bin, to commemorate Sun Bin, the old shoemaker who will serve him as the footwear industry ancestor, set up, hanging portrait dedicated. The earliest existing boots, is the Xinjiang Peacock River tomb unearthed to the tibia boots, we can see more than 3800 years ago, Xinjiang has appeared boots. Boots are dry boots, boots, boots, felt boots, single boots, cotton boots, cloud head boots, goose boots and so on.

Style introduction


Crumpled from top to bottom

Smooth and neat beauty has been boring, the designers are hooked on the irregular folds, is to fold the kind of innate is not smooth, uncompromising rebellious and decadent. Fold and boots once combined, added a bit capricious, somewhat wild, but also increased the three-dimensional sense of boots. This wrinkled boots once put on the body, immediately gives a strong visual impact, memorable.

【Tips】 This is different from the usual shape is actually very "pick people", if not looks very contemporary, and the proportion of very slender women, it is recommended not to try.


Furry looks warm

In this year's fashion industry, the fur is really red and purple, provoke all the clothing are riveting enough strength, to have a relationship with the fur. Hat, coat, skirt, bag, fur go hand in hand. Boots, of course, refused to fall behind, pulled the fur to do embellishment. The amount of hairy fur is not much, either in the boots along the circumference of a circle, or to the boots to draw a "ten" word, or the embodiment of the two small round and round, very "Q" to hang on both sides of the boots. Feel smooth, very warm vision.

[Tips] is fun, originally known as the classical luxury of the boots on the boots, but it seems full of modern sense, in the daily environment seems to have personality, in a grand occasion without rude, really a boots and more use.

Round head

Shake the tip of the monopoly position

Now, when you buy new clothes for the fall and winter wardrobe, do not have all the rage of the fine pointed boots with a pair of land to take home, this season began to return to the trend of leather boots, shoe last shape more smooth, and The toe part of the slightly with some sense of shape is appropriate, no longer sharp and sharp, small round boots is the most worthy of attention.

【Tips】 foot long crush best choice round boots, it can make your feet a lot of delicate.


Reminiscent of overalls

Zipper boots

Like the Latin style of crush must not miss the most representative of the zipper details. Hot copper or silver zipper as part of the boots body decoration, reminiscent of military jacket or overalls, wild taste ready to come out. Some boots simply four or five different lengths of the zipper in an orderly arrangement, and then with a simple color, it seems naughty does not seem messy.

[Tips] calf more thick crush attention, and the best to give up the leather stiff, too rough style, it will emphasize your shortcomings.


Ran down from the jeans

Rivet is the exclusive partner of jeans, and now also see different thinking, went to a guest on the boots. Decorative rivets on boots, because of its shiny effect and metal texture, rich shoes look, add rough beauty.

【Tips】 rivets more eye-catching, calf is not enough symmetry or cautious for the wonderful, the eyes of others attracted to the legs is not a wise thing.


Dew point skin to show off sexy in the boots to dig a heart-shaped hole, or reveal a large number of lines on a few bands, the details of the treatment so that the overall simple boots become very delicate. Imagine the head of the crush, because the small variables on the boots, can leave all the way sexy.

【Tips】 Since the design of the boots has been rich, the color of the best choice of a single and pure color, more practical, too complicated to buy back no chance to wear.