Pumps A Little Skill
- Sep 22, 2017 -

What if you wear shoes? Some is the problem of shoes some is the foot of the problem, some people foot is not big and still Shing, so do not generalize mouth to blame shoes, shoes can be done in vain.

1. Toe Socks

Especially the small tip, the toe space is too big, the foot naturally will drill forward, with easy to fall.

Can prepare a few one or two dollars a pair of short stockings, normal side put a sometimes a pair of soft feet feel good and no harm to the shoes, can also be used cotton, cotton soft towel (tried, like) instead. If you feel your toes are not comfortable, you may be too full to adjust to the level of comfort.

2. forefoot Cushion

If the shoe big half yards, or sometimes because the feet thin instep low, encountered the length OK but the instep space too many shoes, pad forefoot pad is quite immediate. (But if the mat is still out, it could be another reason.)

3. Heel Sticker

I bought the silicone and the skin of the two, the obvious silicone bulge of the kind of use more, the flat of the kind of the skin and sometimes the contrary to the role of grinding feet. It is suggested to try the convex of the silica gel to increase the friction.

4. Exclusive Skills

There is also a person who does not know how to describe the shoes carefully (but this is probably no good for high heels), is to wear shoes when the feet will try/habitual back. And most people "keep their feet straight ahead and have a big fish mouth and toes can fall out of the front" is exactly the opposite. I also tried to give up the strength of the foot back to try to feel your feelings, it is easy to fall with more.

The language of the poor do not know how to express, you personally experience the feeling, but this ability may need to study plus a good understanding ability to get to but this is what special powers.

Shoe problem Two: shoes too hard

When we walk, we are the soles of the feet, heel down, the soles of the feet will have a curved change process. If the shoes are in the heel, the shoes will have similar rhythmic changes with the feet. But if the soles are hard, the soles of the heels are still parallel to the ground, and the feet and shoes are separated naturally, and the so-called "not-heel" is produced.

A little bit of a shoe with a thick-bottomed muffin. Thick soles of the shoes, even if not shallow mouth is also very easy "no heel", because the bottom is thick, the material is light and the entire sole also is Hale type, forefoot palm is not flexible, feet are also separated shoes. Therefore, wearing thick soles of the foot is basically to rely on the feet of the wrist and calf force driven by the "parallel movement."