Point Toe Shoes Can Make A Woman's Feet Grow Slender
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Pointed shoes, the tip of the shoe is thin shoes, originated in France, she has a strong personality, slim and meticulous, can make the woman's feet slender, the instep beautiful bow up. But pointed shoes have certain health hazards, such as causing blisters crisis, toe valgus, plantar long cocoon knee pain, and may aggravate the original disease

A pointed shoe, which is a thin shoe with a sharp head, can give a person a sense of beauty. Pointed shoes have avant-garde novelty, strong personality characteristics, slim and meticulous, the head pointed to the front of the sharp, more women elegant temperament, elegant romantic also revealed. Women cling to the pointy shoes, because she can make the woman's feet slender, the instep beautiful bow up, can let a woman very natural chest upright, abdomen inside, can put women's temperament up to the new realm, with unlimited charm.

The heel of the pointed shoe is getting taller, the shoe head is getting more and more sharp, leading the fashion, running in the tide of wave. Because pointed shoes have extended the proportion of the legs of the visual role, and then with the popular fashion, such as side open fork short skirts or fine tube trousers, can make the body proportion elongated, there are Shuchang will feel, although more or less will have discomfort feeling, or make many beauty of urban women still flock. But the orthopedic surgeon pointed out that the head of the pointed shoe was narrow and flat, the design of the defects in the foot, wear easily wearing feet, and the toe of the squeeze, but also may lead to the foot of "transverse arch", "Middle Bow" part of the collapse, depression, and even lead to toe deformation, hallux valgus, toe overlap and so on. In addition, long-term wear will also cause the foot fiber, fat thickening and grow out of "corns", or muscle inflammation, serious will also cause foot bone deformation, loss of the knee and spine. In general, there are roughly 4 crisis points.

Crisis One: Raw blisters

If you wear a pair of unsuitable pointed nail shoes to walk 15 minutes, the foot will start to damage and blisters, then should take immediate measures, because 1 hours later, corns and foot pain will follow. With a corn or cocoon scar, please do not use a razor, this is to reduce infection. In addition, excessive cocoon will cause damage to the feet.

Crisis Two: Toe Valgus

Pointy heels are sharp and narrow, the toes are like sardines in a pile, if 3 months do not allow your feet to rest, there will be a situation of the toe valgus, if you continue to ignore, the toe will distort deformation.

Crisis III: Plantar Long cocoon Knee

Put on a pointed high heels, walk when the center of gravity will tilt forward, in order to maintain balance, knee will be slightly curved, waist will also be back curved, long time so that the foot fat thickening long cocoon, serious problems can also cause knee and lumbar bone pain.

Crisis IV: aggravating pre-existing diseases

If you have more than 3 illnesses, you must take effective foot care measures, do not wear pointed heels, if you continue to wear can only aggravate the condition, serious even can not wear shoes, pointed shoes will not say.

For this good-looking but not good use of pointed shoes, experts suggest that the beauty of the lady should try to wear less appropriate, if not, it is best to go to bed every night with warm water soaked foot 15-20 minutes, enhance the blood circulation of the foot. If you feel unwell during the wearing process, you should replace it immediately.