Point Toe Shoes Can Make A Woman's Feet Become Slender
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Pointed shoes that are shallow shoes shoes, wearing can give people a sense of beauty. Pointed shoes with avant-garde new personality, strong personality characteristics, delicate and meticulous, toe sharp pointed to the front, even more feminine elegance temperament, elegant romantic also revealed out. Women are obsessed with the pointed shoes, because she can make the woman's feet become slender, feet barely bow, let the woman naturally put the chest straight, abdomen adduction, can the women's temperament To the new realm, with infinite charm.

Pointed shoes from France. The 16th century, France has a young handsome count, because of a pair of deformed feet, no matter what kind of shoes to wear with his feet and aliasing, his feet often in the dance and other places of communication into a wife The little ones laughed at the object. The count had thought of a lot of ways to cover up, but not ideal.

Later, he went to the shoe-making master, a heavy shoe please shoe master according to his special foot shape for his design and made a pointed leather shoes. Earl put on this pair of shoes, not only completely cover up the foot deformity, and novel style, beautiful handsome, actually make the young men and women praise the ball. Since then, pointed shoes quickly popular in France, after another successor into the world.

1, bow knives pointed flat shoes, toe metal decoration, fashion high-end, vamps of the wave point bow design, cute playful, autumn can still wear a very bright, candy blue makes this fall become colorful stand up.

2, is still blue, retro suede pointed high heels, classic colors, different kind of charm, this fall enjoy the ability to release it, wearing it walking in the streets, highlight their own different style.

3, sweet metal lace shoes, one-third of the metal toe, with the Department to bring the decoration, making the splicing has been perfect sublimation, bow tie design, but also with some of the women's own sweet atmosphere, multi-color The impact is full of passion, love the tip of the shoes of the tide who, this shoe is worth owning Oh

4, hit the color of high-heeled pointed shoes, bright design, shining a fall, pink and black strong impact, I do not know what will happen, this fall you ready? Stepped on a pair of elegant fight color Shoes, travel around the streets of it

5, gold bow professional high heels, who said OL in the world can not have a bow, and this pair of bow shoes more prominent atmosphere, two-color stitching, classic bow decoration, highlight the elegant temperament of office workers.

6, ladies pointed high heels, although it is a simple design, but with extraordinary quality, but also a strong color impact, the perfect release of their own personality side.