Point Toe Shoes By Many Fashion Influx Of People Sought After
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Pointed shoes is relatively unique fashion style shoes, was very popular in a certain age, after a period of rest, now with a strong retro style, back to the fashion industry, sought after by many fashion influx of people. So the tip of high heels is beautiful, but not everyone is suitable for wear, so what foot type is suitable for wearing high heels which is not suitable for it?

Improper wearing the risk of pointed shoes

Crisis one: raw blisters

If you wear a pair of do not fit the pointed nail shoes for 15 minutes, the foot will begin to damage and raw blisters, then immediately take measures, because 1 hour later, the corns and foot pain will follow. With corns or cocoons, please do not use razors, this is to reduce the infection. In addition, excessive cocoon damage to the feet.

Crisis II: toe valgus

The toe eversion is the foot of some people's feet than others drum out a section, the common reason is to wear pointed high heels. The shape of the foot is mostly rectangular, squeeze it into a narrow conical space, plus the heel high, the body center of gravity forward, forcing the toe outward deflection, the final formation of the toe valgus.

Crisis three: foot long cocoon knee low back pain

Wear high heels, the pressure concentrated in front of the foot. Or shoes are too small, oppression on both sides of the toes, will produce hard cocoon. Wear high-heeled shoes, walking will focus on the forward tilt, in order to maintain balance, the knee will be slightly curved, the waist will bend back, the problem can also cause severe knee and lumbar pain.

Crisis four: increase the original disease

If you have more than 3 illnesses, you must take effective foot care measures, do not wear pointed high heels; if you can continue to wear the disease can only worsen, and even can not wear shoes, pointed shoes do not even say.

How to reduce the risk of pointed shoes

1, pointed high heels, of course, the United States, but should wear less. As far as possible to wear a wide front, low with the shoes.

2, often with hot water foot bath, enhance the footsteps of blood circulation, to ease the foot soft tissue spasm. Often wear high heels who may wish to foot foot foot protection. Method is: the two pumpkin 3 steamed and then cool, add a tablespoon of olive oil in the pumpkin, pound into pumpkin mud, evenly wipe the feet, wrapped with plastic wrap, stay 15 minutes to clean.

3, summer, may wish to go to the beach barefoot walk, and consciously with the toe grasping the ground on the sand, can exercise the foot muscles, enhance the balance of feet, is also a good foot massage.

4, try not to wear high heels, if the occupation needs to use different height of high heels, so that oppression points different, can reduce the same parts appear thick cocoon, the old skin. But should pay attention to wear thin heel shoes to reduce the walk, so as not to squeeze the foot.

What kind of foot shoes for foot shoes?

If you are the Greek foot, pointed shoes you can hold Hold! At the same time the third toe short, the most suitable for your shoes is the most popular pointed shoes; if your third toe longer , For the elegant almond head shoes type.

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