How To Do With Flat Shoes
- Oct 19, 2017 -

How to do with flat shoes

High heels grinding feet seem to have become accustomed to, but the flat shoes grinding feet a little bit of intolerable, can only go out every day to wear slippers? Here to see how to deal with flat shoes grinding feet!

Size problem

If the shoes are too small, how to hold the shoes big? According to the size of their shoes to buy the size of the size of the shoe support, it is recommended to buy shoes larger shoes, because the shoe itself with a scalable, slightly larger shoe support You can replace your feet to hold a large shoe, the front of the shoe can also support the width of the shoes, but also should not avoid the shoes up to no matter, and for a long time the big shoe easy to change the shoes Oh,

2. Texture problem

If it is a work problem, technical and quality problems lead to some parts of the shoes are particularly easy to wear foot, especially the heel, you can use a small hammer in the heel tapping some, so that the cortex relaxation or some bulge flat, Foot chance.

3. Bandboard

If you insist on wearing this pair of "crystal shoes" and do not want Cinderella sisters as enough to do, you wear them in the position of the foot may be affixed with a sticky or thick wound paste, protect the feet The skin.