High Boot Has Been Widely Favored By Ladies
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Long boots that wear when the feet to help the thigh boots (usually boots), but also for long boots. Many girls tend to wear a pair of boots when wearing skirts or shorts. Ms. door in the late autumn or winter wear a pair of boots, not only to keep warm, but also show their slender legs, so has been widely favored by ladies. Long boots that wear when the feet to help the thigh boots (usually boots), but also for high boots.

The classification of boots

1, dress: the most common is this black, brown, style more classic tradition, suitable for a variety of clothes, more suitable for working family.

2, fashion boots: the color is still the classic color, but the style of comparison before the bit, pointed, fine with, or slightly decorated, suitable for more fashionable woman, if with a beautiful fur, even more of its wind color.

3, cute: This kind of boots is more suitable for younger girls, bright colors, can be used with light winter, will add a lot of warm winter in the warm.

4: retro type: fabric is more special, there are classical patterns, I feel do not have a charm.

5: exaggerated: style publicity, full of personality, suitable for open front of the crowd.

6, leisure type: this kind of boots wearing the most comfortable, mostly flat, fabric is soft, feel quite good, such as deerskin, soft sheepskin, etc., wear on the feet that comfort is let people let go.

Boots with the boots

Black boots can be used with shorts or skirts, upper body wearing short version of the clothes, can also be directly with a loose version of the long sweater, revealing a small thigh, very sexy, if cold, then you can wear some more beautiful colors Tights, such as deep red, highlight the legs. If you think the legs are not very good to see, then wear black tights can be.