Martin boots to buy
- Jan 06, 2017 -

See cortex

Martin boots leather on the surface with her fingers right down firmly, the leather is soft and elastic, press release, and then to see if I can fast enough to play. From this small action, we were able to try out the leather. Good leather, soft, comfortable, good flexibility. Poor quality leather, feels stiff, poor flexibility, surface pressed with your fingers, playing slow, skin looks dull.

See sole

Put on your shoes and walk a few steps, the sole is soft, elastic, and trampled by force on the ground a few times to see if they will have the feeling of pain. Poor quality shoes, poor flexibility, no flexibility, forced to the ground at the Stampede, foot foot numbness may occur, have the feeling of pain, excellent sole, shock effects are poor.

See inside

Martin boots are mostly used wool, appropriate pull down with your hands to see whether strong, will not fall off. Hand into the shoe, to see whether it can play a role in warm quickly. Good quality hair strong, not dropped, put up, fast thermal insulation effect.

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