Martin boots collocation
- Jan 06, 2017 -

Method 1: can be worn with a black jacket and a plaid MINI skirt, matching is the most traditional and easy way.

Method 2: matching chiffon material is very cute, and sweet can also increase a lot.

Method 3: go with cute tight pants and bright one-piece dress long shirt is also a very good choice.

Method 4: cute skull picture COOL flavor, Martin boot state.

Method 5: match a PUNK character tastes very similar to KARE, match time to forget about tradition, many styles of clothes can be integrated.

Method 6: stockings match Martin boots, early male punk likes to wear black tights and Dr Martin boots, while women like to wear cheap netted stockings and miniskirts, today's trend is very good to put these two together, and the colors became richer and more sunshine. Color stripes printed stockings, stockings, crushing netted stockings is the modern punk girls love. In the Japanese movie NANA, the protagonist Nana is nothing but black stockings and boots dress up, extremely handsome.