Before 2016 Asics in the third quarter, sales declined by 7.2%
- Jan 06, 2017 -

Japan sports brand Asics (yaseshi) is one of the world's oldest extant sportswear company, Nike founder Phil Knight start at the beginning of the year, from the agent Onitsuka Tiger (ONITSUKA Tigers) started as a running shoe, under this brand now belongs to Asics.

Although the scale of operation and international reputation than Nike, Adidas, Asics at the international sports apparel market still has a certain status, 2015 sales reached 428.5 billion yen (about US $3.6 billion at current exchange rates), but 2016 years of sales declines, compared with United States sports apparel upstart Under Armour 2016 expects sales of $4.9 billion, from 2015 24%.